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What does ABA Therapy mean for my child?

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA) is a scientific approach that focuses on decreasing maladaptive behaviors and increasing socially significant behaviors that increase the level of function of a child. It uses behavior analytic principles and learning techniques to bring about behavior change.

What does ABA therapy entail?

ABA therapy is a team effort where the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) creates a behavior plan with behavior specific goals and the ABA therapist works directly with a child on specific tasks through which to implement the plan. The BCBA and ABA therapists work together to adjust the goals based on the child’s progress and behaviors. As a child’s social and behavioral skills improve, the objectives continue to increase based on the child’s performance.

Which skills areas can
ABA therapy address?

ABA therapy’s objective is to shape and strengthen learned skills, and to decrease problematic behaviors. Among the specifics that are commonly addressed are the following:

• Language/ communication
• Socialization skills
• Daily living Skills
• Behavioral difficulties

Creating Change with ABA Therapy

Level Ahead for greatest impact

Level Ahead uses ABA therapy to help children with ASD learn and master social and behavioral skills. We practice little daily goals in a one-on-one setting which build up to an increase in skill level and goal mastery. Our children grow from not coping in their external world to individuals who can learn to express and communicate their needs in a socially appropriate manner.


What is the process to get started?

Our process is simple so that your child can get help fast.


We meet for a discovery session to learn about your child’s skills, family setup, and school situation. We ask questions, listen, and watch to understand his needs and your goals.


Our team develops a personalized therapy plan to meet your child’s needs and goals. We work quickly to match your child with a qualified ABA Therapist who will implement the plan.


Your child receives ongoing therapy while we provide you with weekly ABA parent training and support. We collaborate with your child’s therapists & teachers and aim for steady, incremental results.

Level Ahead

Our team continues to assess your child’s progress and goals so that we can update and adjust his plan for optimal success at every stage.



“I heard that Level Ahead gives a customized program and does not rest until they see results. After twelve years, I switched over, cautiously hopeful. In one year, my son’s self-esteem shot up, he learned how to assert himself respectfully, my son became a mentsch”.

S.T. Parent of 15 year old Level Ahead student

“As soon as Level Ahead accepted our daughter, we saw action done within the week. Mr. Jalas's regular follow-ups and dedication give us a sense of security knowing that she is always on his mind. My daughter is improving one baby step at a time to a point where she can control her behavior, something we have never seen before”.

B.H. parent of a 7-year-old Level Ahead student

“Mr. Jalas looks at my son’s full picture and he involves the school all the time so that everyone is on the same page and working together. My son is calmer, more satisfied, and happier than we’ve ever seen him before. The Level Ahead team wants our son to succeed as much as we do!”

L.S. parent of a 10-year-old Level Ahead student


Dear Parent,

We’re on a mission to maximize the potential of every child with ASD.

As a parent you may be confused, overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless about your child’s future. You may have even tried ABA therapy already without much success. But you know there is more to your child.

At Level Ahead, we believe that with a personalized plan, a caring ABA therapist, and parental support, your child can shine. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and working with parents, we bring relief and hope to what can often be a difficult situation. We bring you from not knowing how to act, to having a plan for handling specific circumstances.

We approach your child as part of a team. Every decision is a collaboration with parents and other caregivers. We look at the whole child--age, background, family, schooling, abilities, and more. We use all the pieces to support the child with ASD and his/her parents and caregivers so that there is a circle of support and no one is ever alone.

Working with Level Ahead, you get a team that supports you and your child; and you get to watch your child grow and learn in ways you may not have thought possible.

Joseph & Chaya Jalas

Our Six Core Values

Timely Assistance

So that your child’s individualized care team is put in place promptly.

Team Collaboration

So that your child’s therapists, teachers and caregivers actually function as a team to help your child reach his/her objectives.

Comprehensive Plans

So that the targeted skills will result in an increase in your child’s level of functioning across domains.

Parental Support

So that you have the guidance and support to help your child and the rest of the family when challenges arise.


So that when your child achieves a goal, we celebrate together, and then aim higher.


So that we never stop trying because every little success is a big win for your child.

Hey Mom, ready to see your child’s social behaviors improve?

We’re ready to Level Ahead!